1.- Our work is 100% guarantee. If you are not happy with the results, let us to know within 24 hours and we will be back to fix any issue. We do not offer refunds or discounts.

2.- We never cancel a job. If there is any issue beyond our control, we will re-schedule for the sooner time possible. Clients can cancel an appointment up to 3 days without penalties. After that you will be charge 50% of the cleaning fee. If we go to the property and we cannot access to the property, or for any reason beyond our responsibility we cannot provide the service, you will be charged 100% of the cleaning fee. You will always receive an email 24 hours before the cleaning confirming, and our office manager will text you or call you at the beginning of the week to confirm.

3.- We use our own products and equipments. We cannot use any clients chemicals. If you need a specific product, please contact our office so we can work with our safety team to get it approved with the respective Data Safety Sheet requested by OSHA.

4.- We cannot guarantee an exact time of service. All our times have a range of 1-2 hours for our technicians to arrive.

5.- Our cleaning crew are Residential Cleaning Technicians, they are not maids and do not provide any other services that the one establish in our Scope of Work defined for the type if cleaning hired.

6.- We do not cover work with mold, human fluids, animal feces and mice droppings and sewage. If you have any issues with those kind of substances, need to hire a restoration service.

7.- Our company do the best and have several process to minimize damages while cleaning, however, accidents happen. We will be more than happy to replace the broken item with a new one of the same kind, and remove the broken one out of the property.

8.- All staff of Tarylen Cleaning Services have an exclusive working agreement and follow the company policies. We do not secure (or promote) having the same crew at your place all the time. Please do not offer to any of our staff working directly for you or do extra work for you on the side. In this case you will be charged a $1,500 referral fee.

9.- Pets. We do love pets!! We have them too. But please remember that is your responsible to have them out of the property or in a cage while the technicians are at the property.