A friend posted on his Facebook page this week that we are still at a point in our society where we are all evaluated more by a sacrificed level than personal productivity. That is so true!! 

I used to believe that, well, somehow I still believe it, I just change the focus of my sacrifices.

Waking up in the morning, prepare breakfast for the family, wake everybody up, get ready for work, work all day, stop at the store, go home, cook dinner, play/study/ take care of kids, prepare snacks, clean the house, do laundry, spend family time, drive kids to extracurricular activities, get everybody ready for bed, etc, etc, etc, the list can be infinite.

Well, I realized a long time ago that there is nothing wrong with getting help, so you can choose where you want to focus and dedicate your time. Mine is work, obviously, and kids sports. For everything else I have help: help from the family… (my husband is my rock and my kids are amazing) and help from strangers: I have my cleaning technicians come to my house minimum once a week and I have people cooking for us as often as possible and helping with laundry and other chores.

I decided to spend my precious time working because I do what I love. Every day is a new challenge or something new to create or a new opportunity to grow and I’m addicted to it..

Pam Brewington

I spend my time also driving my kids and spending hours watching their sports practices and games because it is my quality time with them and our mutual learning experience. Sports teach them teamwork, competitiveness, hard work, no time to cry and move on, fairness, be prepared, mercy, success, celebration, passion, performance, excellence. There is no other place where I can share all that with them and be there for them for the wins and for losses.

So, I use house helpers in every aspect in order to gain time that I can spend consciously on the things that are important to me. It makes me more productive, happier, more focused, and overall closer to my goals. I’m a very productive person and I do more things in a day than the average. But I select where my talents can add more value, for everything else, I’m not afraid to ask for help. Why not?