We all say at least once in our lives “I cleaned up my house from top to bottom” but is our house really sanitized and disinfected to ensure a healthy environment for our kids, friends, and family? We believe while cleaning we focus on every important area in our home such as frequently touched surfaces, common areas, furniture, floors, walls and we use all kinds of products to do it quickly and efficiently. Sanitizing and disinfecting our home is part of many people`s routines but we don’t always have the time to ensure a real professional and deep cleaning. When we use our own sponges and dishcloths instead of clean all surfaces we spread viruses, toxins, and bacterias around them, or when we use paper towels to clean our cell phone, remote control, or any surface when we throw it away it leaves residual impact even when is at the garbage, for instance. How to wash carpets, clean expensive tiles, or reach very high spaces can be a problem too. So, how can we be sure our house is perfectly clean according to healthy standards? 

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners prefer to call a professional house cleaning company to do these tasks and ensure a deep cleaning every week, twice a month, every season, or before special occasions. We are talking about a team of certified housekeeping technicians who knows everything about standard operating procedures, which products use or not to use in our home, eco-friendly materials, specific cleaning tools, the correct equipment, but most of all everything about safety and health. In summary, we are talking about a trained team that can provide the highest level of clean and sanitary procedures. We need a team like this in cases such as: 

  • Moving into a new house. 
  • A closed house while you were away for your vacations.
  • After a construction project in your house.
  • When someone is sick or there is an unhealthy situation.
  • When you have a property used for Vacation / Short Term Rental

Disinfectants and sanitizers can remove allergens, toxins, and bacterias from our home but a professional team can really ensure a clean, healthy, tidy, and well-maintained space. We are more than happy to help you with the cleaning of your home. We clean every room, with love and attention. We love to see your house clean and shining so if you really want a healthy environment for your family, here we are!