Oven cleaning: Cleaning Tips: How to do it.

Oven Cleaning is one of the most avoided task at home.

Find here the easiest way for Oven Cleaning at home.

We all love cooking, but we all hate cleaning the oven.

1. Barkeepers.

Barkeepers really help to get the grease dissolve without any risk to harming your oven. It need time to dwell and also take a lot of time with a non abrasive sponge to get everything out. Mix it with a little of water to make a paste and let it work.

2. Windex

Windex??? Seriously??? Yes, seriously. Almost all products that you can use to clean the oven, will leave a white residue after dry. The only wat to prevent that, rinse the oven properly and make sure that there is no residue is with Windex. Let your oven heat for 20 mins before put any food there after cleanings.

Nothing makes a home more cozy that the smell of something baking on the oven. Cookies, a delicious apple pie, a well seasoned pot roast, or anything that your family crave. The warmth of the oven and the smells from the oven make everybody feel happy, safe and loved. The bad part? The cleaning. Use our little tricks and your life can be easier. Only two products and voila! No need to use elbow grease.

It takes time and love to do it, you always can call us and we will do it for you in our next cleaning. We can take care of cleaning inside the oven and also inside the fridge, why not? We are always here to help. Ask for our special price for current clients.

Your cleaning technicians will be more than happy to include this extra service. If your oven is Self Cleaning, please let it run in that setting the night before your schedule cleaning. Have a great week!

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