Yay! Our amazing laundry facilities are finally ready and running . We do offer now, for our amazing clients, especially our Vacation Rentals Clients, laundry services for all bedding and linens. At Tarylen we have a strict process for removing the linens out of the property so they do not get confused and always get back to the same property. In our facilities, they are treated for disinfection and keep them white. We always carry checked clean sets for our vacation rentals, free of stains or any issues, to ensure the best quality all the time. In our 2,000 sqft, we have 6 commercial machines, we bring the best music everyday to keep us happy and with the best rhythm to have all the laundry done. We love what we do, so we are always sure to follow our processes all the time:


•Laundry classification

•Pre-Wash process

•Washing process



•Quality Control

•Damages and stain section

•Extra treatment

•Packing per property

The days of you doing tons and tons of laundry between guests or having a cleaning company that leaves wet laundry all over, are over. We are your solution! Meet Maria, our laundry technician, and our new laundry facilities! We are so proud of this investment that makes our clients’ lives easier and our job higher in quality every day. If you are still spending your weekends doing laundry, give us a call, we are here to help.

Meet Maria, our Laundry technician
Our new laundry facilities
Our new laundry facilities
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