Company History

Tarylen Cleaning Services was born as a family business. We envision to help the American working mom, who was already enough in her plate: work, kids, school, cooking, etc. We know, that you cannot do it all!, so we are here to help. We also work with corporations and companies, to help make their properties even more attractive and valuable for their customers.

Our employees are choose carefully and are permanently trained. We are happy people willing to bring happiness to your home.


Our vision is change the Residential Cleaning Industry in USA. For our clients, we want to give you a High End service at an affordable price, making your life easier every time. For our staff, we want our people feel proud of their job and we give work opportunities to women whom are looking to make a positive change in their lives.

Our company is a virtuous circle of women helping women to reach their dreams.


Our Mision is make sure that the work is Well Done. Quality control! We make the commitment to keep our standards all the time. We don’t leave any house without a doble check that everything is at our satisfaction.


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Words From the Directors



I started this business by accident. Because of my background as a Marketing & Advertising Manager and a mom of 3 kids, I realized how difficult is do it all! Building reliable support networks for other moms is my goal. Cleaning is one of the most important key.

I realized that this industry have a lot of growing potential and most of all, a lot of room for improvement and the challenge to move it to a different level.

I’m a business woman, so as as one, my goal is make this industry evolve from their very basic structure, systematization, control and process, to the level that the rest of the industries in USA had move to.

Time for a change!



Dan is in charge of all the IT aspect of the business.



We love what we do! and we make sure that it’s done properly!


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